Commercial law

In the realm of commercial law, our office extends a broad spectrum of services to clients, catering to both one-time needs and offering comprehensive, long-term legal support.

Our expertise in corporate law encompasses services related to the establishment and modification of companies, company mergers, asset transfers, company divisions, as well as facilitating transfers and leases of facilities.

A significant aspect of our office’s activities lies in handling business contracts. We prioritize individuality, precision, and safeguarding the interests and rights of our clients during the drafting process. Our contract portfolio includes a diverse range, such as purchase contracts, employment contracts, agency agreements, combinations of various contract types, general terms and conditions, and more.

Additionally, we provide legal assistance in addressing disputes arising from commercial obligations, particularly in cases involving business contract withdrawal or termination, complaints, damages, the application of contractual penalties, and representation in litigation.

Moreover, our office extends legal support to new entrepreneurs, particularly those involved in startups, and actively engages in resolving commercial disputes arising from unfair competition, trademark issues, and, not least, matters related to public procurement.