About us

Bultas, Kvítková, Kareta, and Partners is a distinguished Prague-based law firm established in 2006. Our team of lawyers possesses a profound understanding of the Czech legal and business landscape, allowing us to offer comprehensive legal services to both Czech and international clients. We are proficient in several languages, including Czech, Slovak, English, French, and Russian.

Our commitment revolves around delivering specialized, professional, and all-encompassing legal services. In our client interactions, we prioritize a clear and pragmatic approach to problem-solving.

Our legal expertise spans private law, notably civil, commercial, and real estate law, as well as public law, with a focus on criminal defense and administrative law.

To enhance the quality of our services, we collaborate closely with experts in various fields, including esteemed physicians, mortgage and tax advisors, executors, and other specialists in related service areas. The assurance of service quality is further fortified by the prolific publishing activities of our lawyers and their valuable experiences gained from international internships.