Civil law

Bultas, Kvítková, Kareta, and Partners Law Firm specializes in providing comprehensive legal services within the realm of civil law. Among the most frequent legal services offered by our firm are the preparation and drafting of civil law contracts, including but not limited to purchase agreements, labor contracts, donation agreements, lease contracts, and consumer contracts. We excel in representing our clients in negotiations with the opposing party during these processes.

Our services extend to document processing for clients, facilitating negotiations involving the assignment of receivables, assumption of debt, accession to liability, recognition of debt, debt forgiveness, or the set-off of receivables.

In cases of breaches of civil law obligations, we offer legal assistance, addressing claims related to property damage, harm to health, damage to real estate, unjust enrichment, and more.

Our office also handles receivables recovery, providing end-to-end legal services from contacting the debtor for out-of-court recovery efforts to subsequent execution of the debtor’s assets.

Additionally, we offer legal counsel in the realm of inheritance law and, not least, in family law. Our services in family law primarily cover matters related to the formation, progression, and dissolution of marriages, child custody, upbringing, child maintenance, and matrimonial property law.