Insolvency law

In the domain of insolvency law, our office specializes in providing services that primarily involve representing both creditors and debtors throughout all phases of insolvency proceedings. This encompasses incident proceedings, along with representing creditors in various capacities, such as in creditors’ meetings or on creditors’ committees, at any stage of insolvency proceedings. We also offer advisory services to debtors on navigating insolvency issues, including reorganization strategies, and assist in the formulation of reorganization plans.

In addressing any uncertainties that creditors may have regarding potentially filed receivables, we conduct legal audits of these claims. This meticulous approach aims to minimize the likelihood of unsuccessful claims in insolvency proceedings and reduce the associated risks, such as potential sanctions for the submission of unjustified claims.

As part of our comprehensive representation, or as standalone services, we are prepared to take additional measures to ensure the most successful outcome in insolvency proceedings for our clients. Our commitment is to provide thorough and strategic support throughout the entire insolvency process.