The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a regulation within the European Union, is designed to enhance the safeguarding of personal data and establish uniform rules in this domain across EU member states. Since its enforcement on May 28, 2018, the GDPR has been a mandatory and directly applicable regulation in the Czech Republic.

Bultas, Kvítková, Kareta, and Partners Law Firm offers comprehensive legal advice in the realm of GDPR compliance. Our services in this area primarily involve conducting internal audits of existing processes for processing personal data. Following this, we identify necessary adjustments and subsequently implement processes to ensure compliance with the GDPR. Additionally, we prepare relevant legal documents, such as consent forms for data processing, privacy policies, and internal guidelines governing the processing of personal data.

Notably, our services extend to providing training for individuals handling personal data. We also undertake regular monitoring of personal data protection legislation, particularly in light of the continuously evolving interpretations of the GDPR. Our goal is to keep our clients abreast of any changes and ensure ongoing compliance with the regulations in this dynamic legal landscape.